Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Award For The Best Christmas Magazine Cover

There is simply no debate on this one:0)


  1. Agreed! It's a shame that this magazine is not on sale in my country. I subsribed it for a year directly from the States but it ended up being fairly costly. Oh well, maybe one day!

    Have a super weekend!!

    PS. What were the contents of RH like? :-)

  2. Hi Kelly, thank you so much! Most of my paper cones aren't actually closed [yet] in any way as I intend to fill them with branches of spruce or candies of different sorts closer to Christmas. My five-year-old has been somewhat interested in my candy treat ornaments, on the other hand, but I've told her that there's just a toilet paper roll inside them and nothing else and she's left them alone. Would it help if you made a couple of cones for your daughter that she could call her own? The others would then be don't-touch grownup cones :-)

  3. Wonderful magazin,but in my country
    is this magazin not on sale.
    Your blog is fantastic.I will add to my list.I hope it's okay.
    Have a beautiful weekend Regina

  4. I agree! It's so soft and welcoming! I think Romantic Homes is improving its editorial and pictorial content a lot!

  5. I agree...just looking at the cover always (not just at Christmas) makes me feel good inside!!

  6. I so like this magazine, it's only thin but it has real treasures in it. There are so many beautiful magazines.....enjoy and have a super week end Kelly XXX

  7. Hi, I saw that you visited my blog :) thanks! Now I can check out your blog too ;) I looks sweet, going to have another look again :)
    Have a nice weekend!
    PS Like it, bookmarking :)

  8. So pretty, I imagine your tree would be beautiful like that one...

  9. Thank you for your nice comment! Your decorating plans for the porch sound absolutely marvelous! I don't like too tinsel-y décor either :-)

    Have a super week - the last one before December!!!


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