Friday, September 10, 2010

As the season slowly change, well actually they have changed quite quickly where I am almost overnight! Now we start to burrow in for some hearth and home time, the garden is in its last stages of colour, Mums and bright coloured leaves and pumpkins dot the landscapes and dried wheats and grasses softly blow in the winds of Autumn.

I was downstairs looking through some of my stored fall decorations deciding what I will put up around the house for this short season, I saw a wonderful wreath that was just made of a twig base wrapped with black leaves and white cobwebs and sitting to one side of the wreath was a ghostly dressed doll, I thought it looked so well done and very original idea, might be fun for you to try one yourself, look for a plain grapevine wreath or and autumn neutral color will do, then pick up some dollar store cobwebs and black roses or flowers/leaves tie them on with black ribbons, find one of your smaller to mid size doll, drape her in some pieces of old remnant linens or doilies, I have seen them at the dollar store as well...

give her some spooky makeup use some black markers or even your own eyeshadow makeup will do the job...tangle some branches in her clothes and hair along with some cobwebs and spiders or bats and voilia and original wreath with your own added style....I will post a picture of mine wreath when I am finished, if any of my readers would like to participate please send me a picture of your completed wreath and I will post them her on my blog for others to see and comment on! I think I will make this into a little contest with a prize for the winner, I will have my daughter pick one of the wreaths and the winner shall receive a "Lantern Light Halloween Framed Print" from my shop. Have fun with it I will close the contest on Oct 21, 2010.

Some pretty decor ideas I thought I would share these photos are from some of my favorites on flickr.

love the different uses of sheet music, placemats, I have seen it used as wallpaper too.

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