Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Belle

This is a sweet skirt pin adorned with 3 little charms. The round charm holds one of my favorite vintage baby photos and the small 1 inch charm is that of the word Belle printed onto vintage book paper, and it holds a little soldered ivory button too. You can remove the charms to wear as pendants or hang as charms from ribbons. I really love this baby picture and used it again in this larger square charm, the photo is a stamp size and I used a background of olive and gold end paper from a book. These two sweets are for sale in the shop. It is quite windy here today, we went to a few bazaar sales this morning, I was on the hunt for vintage textiles and books of course!


  1. Hey Kelly, are you going to Christie's on the 24th? My mom and I might go and maybe Laura Oliver (Dunk)...we could maybe connect?

  2. These are just beautiful, I love the baby pin. I wish I had time for one more art form in my life.


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