Monday, July 30, 2007

My new home

Welcome to my new blog spot. I had to change over to this address because blogger unfortunately does not allow you to change your url name. So now I have my Dove Grey Art Studio Etsy Store and matching blog address
I will hope to notify my readers as well as post a message on my old blog to inform of the change.


  1. Good've been busy! I've made the changes to my blog and my I can still visit you everyday. Did you know we have coffee together almost every day? I read blogs instead of the newspaper...way more inspiring. Anyway, have a good day and congratulations on your new blog...its pretty so far, I can only imagine what you'll do to make it even more 'you'. Ciao~S~

  2. I know that's such a great way to stay in touch! Thanks for stopping in for coffee. I would rather read blogs than the news, too much doom and gloom.

  3. Your blog is looking lovely already, so fresh! beautiful photos too :)


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